Greenwich Tavern app

Greenwich Tavern is a cutesy pub overlooking the park. You can’t miss it as it’s right by the gates and perfect for stepping into after a trek up to the views.

Use DUSK and get a free Rhubarb G&T whilst you’re there.

The Gun Canary Wharf App

This elegant 1860s pub is an East London gem tucked away onto quiet, cobbled Coldharbour Lane and one of the sweetest spots on the Thames.

MC & Sons app

Mc & Sons is the dream Irish boozer, with a kick-ass sideline in Thai food. The McElhinney clan have lined the walls with family photos and newspaper clippings, bartenders are full of craic, and there’s even a snug with a private bar hatch.

Chesham Arms app

Chesham Arms is the quintessential East End boozer, given a new lease of life by dedicated local campaigners. Old-school and reliable, this traditional pub boasts a good beer selection, open fireplaces, and an impressive beer garden.

Heathcote & Star app

Pink neon signs reading ‘Play’ and ‘Party’ sit above two separate rooms at the Heathcote & Star. Play in one room with pool tables and ping pong – there’s even a tournament on Monday nights.

Victoria Tavern app

The Victoria Tavern in Holloway prides itself on craft beers, awesome pizzas, and sport. Plonk! Golf are now in residence, so North London hipsters inspired by all the big-screen sport can have a go at being totally crap at mini-golf.

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