Grind are undoubtedly the cool kids on the block so we rounded up our top picks and the best bit? You can get a free espresso martini at five of them.

Soho Grind app

Soho Grind

Shoreditch Grind’s little sister and another cooler-than-thou addition to the growing Grind empire.

Covent Garden Grind app

Covent Garden Grind

Grind has pitched up in Covent Garden with their signature killer combo – coffees, cocktail, and cracking small plates.

London Grind app

London Grind

Free Espresso Martini

London Grind is Grind’s first restaurant offering and an effortlessly cool place.

Clerkenwell Grind app

Clerkenwell Grind

Free Espresso Martini

You’ll find all the usuals: supermodel waiters, great cocktails, and plush pastel pinks to make the girls wink.

Shoreditch Grind app

Shoreditch Grind

Free Espresso Martini

The good-time vibes, sweet snackettes and killer cocktails never disappoint, whilst you can only imagine who’s upstairs in their famous recording studio.

Royal Exchange Grind app

Royal Exchange Grind

Free Espresso Martini

A class act and you’ll find people pulling up a chair post-work to enjoy some Grade-A cocktails in a Grade-I listed building.

Exmouth Market Grind app (2)

Exmouth Market Grind

Free Espresso Martini

Work your way through a brunch menu of Wild Boar Benedict and Nduja Baked Eggs (thank you head honcho Kyle Boyce) then stick around to people-watch and sip on iconic espresso martinis till late.

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